Lake Como Property Search

Ultissimo operates a specialist, tailored Property Search business on Lake Como for non-Italian buyers. We also develop and renovate properties in Italy to the finished quality sought by international buyers. Our standards are exceptionally high throughout – from devoting time to understanding your requirements at the outset, through viewing and purchase and then ensuring that owning your home is a pleasure and not a burden. Where a property needs improvements to meet your tastes you can be confident that we have the expertise to deliver this.

Over the past 11 years we have worked successfully with clients from 40 different countries. It is not by chance that we have won multiple international awards. These include best property renovation in Italy (twice), best property finder in Italy, and best small agency in the world (twice). Operating to award-winning levels of client satisfaction is our norm.

We enable our clients to own an Italian home that adds a wonderful new dimension to their lives. Many of our clients had searched without success, and then found just what they wanted easily and efficiently with Ultissimo. The distinctive hallmark of Ultissimo is our attention to all the details that matter to each individual client. We provide our clients with a truly professional, tailored service and our client feedback is exemplary.

View of Lake Como from Argegno

It may surprise you that we have never sold a property in 11 years! This simply reflects our ethos. Instead what we have done very successfully is to enable many clients to buy. We listen to you and ask the right questions. We understand your needs. And we provide comprehensive guidance and support. We are refreshingly different from an estate agency which would have a limited range of properties on offer and a determination that a buyer will be pressed into taking one of these. Ultissimo’s property service in Italy is client-focused; it spans the entire market including many properties that will never be found advertised on the internet or in agents’ window displays.

Italy is often associated with complexities, difficulties and opaque practices when buying a home. See what our clients say and you will understand that we can assure you of an easy, secure and transparent purchase, legal in every respect. We understand the process, the legislation and Italian bureaucracy. We have the experience to guide you throughout, making your purchase simple and secure. We work with trusted lawyers, notaries, architects, engineers, builders, banks and currency exchange specialists to ensure you have a comprehensive and completely professional service throughout.

Lake Como offers stunning scenery, magnificent villas and a wealth of leisure activities. It has been a favoured destination for the rich and famous for centuries, and today caters to a broad international market. Umbria retains the quintessential Italian charm sought by discerning international buyers.

Our Lake Como property search service provides international buyers with a complete buying service for purchasing a property on Lake Como. We are uniquely qualified to understand your requirements and find the right property for you. By investing the time in advance to provide you with a personalised shortlist of suitable properties based on your requirements, when it is time for you to visit and view properties for yourself you may join our many clients who have found the ideal property on their first visit.

Through our property search business we know the Lake Como property market in depth. This has given us the ability to find exceptional development opportunities. Our handpicked development properties and land have been singled out as offering clients excellent potential for development.

Request our comprehensive Guide to Buying Property in Italy which tells you pretty much all you will need to know about the process for buying an Italian home. Read it, ask as many questions as you wish and then turn your attention to finding the right property for you. Once you have made your decision you will find that the steps we have outlined fall naturally into place.

If a more rural lifestyle is your preference then take a look at our award winning Umbrian properties for sale located in two idyllic locations. Both sites feature eight properties complete with a communal swimming pool and tennis court.